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I meed a user in the College Date: May 29th @ 12:42pm EDT
I was ready to go to college, like every day, I grabbed my backpack and my books, etc. Walk to the bus, then take the train and walk a little to the university... When I was near my classroom, I felt that someone said to my back "oh look, little Mr. White" and instantly my body froze, did not know how to react, one of my friends who is also a model, was with me, the only thing he did was laugh at my face of terror, because it was the first time that happened to me... I do not remember very well the user name, but what I do, is that he was a very nice man, I invited myself to a coffee and shared a few minutes of talk, after that, I had to leave, as it was late for class.
It was great the truth.
-With Love, Luigi W.
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